Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week in the Life: Sunday

I got a bit behind on Week in the Life because of, well, life.  The weekend was so busy and I was busy taking care of a sick little girl all day.  She didn't even get much time to nap because of Avi's school pick up time.  I used that time to blog about Miss America and the topic of race. It was weighing heavily on my heart and I just had to put some thoughts down here.

She somehow only gets cuter when she's sick.  And more loving. We are truly blessed. (And tired, lol!)

Saturday | Pages

 photos+words, a list of things I am proud of my children for. 

cloud paper//cork circles//map ampersand//rainbow washi tape//silver thickers

And, I make flair now.

Sunday | Photos+Words
Snuggles. Brunch. Shirley Temple curls. My little pumpkins. Naps. Games. Dinner. (collapse)

It's not that I was happy to put away my camera today, I just was happy to have a break from it.  I loved the recording the documenting and extemporaneous album making, but I also enjoyed playing trains with Nandini today and not jumping up to grab my dSLR in the middle of it.  It was a fun a project and I'm glad to have it completed!

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  1. I admire all the PLers out there. And the daily ones too! Good for you for taking a break from the camera. I think sometimes we scrapbookers forget that we actually need to be involved in the activity instead of just documenting it lol. Love your Saturday flair.

  2. I'm so impressed that you have your pages already put together! They look great. I'm looking forward to putting mine together - hopefully sometime this week! :) PS-I'm now a new blog follower.

  3. You do such lovely pages! TFS. :-)


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