Monday, September 2, 2013

Reading and checking out UT lab school.

Avinash had his first chance to see his new school, meet his teacher and new classmates on Friday.  We are just super excited for him and his new school.  Our expectations may be a little high but I think it is going to a much better experience for our family than his last school was.

Running into his room.

He's got his name tag on his back like the little test subject he is.  The school is run as part of the UT system.  His pre-K teacher teaches 4 year olds as well as undergrads.  I wonder if she finds the experience much different? ha!  They are always using new teaching methods and write research papers on their findings.  We are big supporters of scientific research and the program is supposed to be great for the kids anyway.  How could it not with such intelligent and motivated teachers?

I was super happy and relieved to see that he was making friends right away.  He is outgoing but I always worry anyway.  The other parents were also really warm and welcoming.  This was a wonderful change for us and just confirmed our feelings that Austin is a much more open and welcoming place.  There are children of all different backgrounds, including some mixed families like ours.  Trust me, this is already something that kids notice and can start to feel self-conscious about. 

Afterwards his teacher came over for a home visit.  After answering some questions with us, she spent time with Avinash alone.  Nandini of course had to join in.  I tried to give them privacy but I did peek in a little.  Just talking and getting to know each other. 

School officially starts next week and Avinash is counting down the days! So am I to be honest.  I know that he craves the extra stimulation and I just want to be able to breathe a little bit during the day.

 I also have a new layout up on the JBS site using the new Writer's collection digital brushes and stamps.  I love office themed stuff anyway, but it seemed to fit perfectly with a layout about Avinash's first attempts at reading.  I know that a lot of kids his age can already read, but it is still a big deal to us and we are so proud of him.  The first book that he was really reading was Happy Pig Day!  I got a few early reader books by Mo Willems and they seem to be helping a lot.  Teaching him to read was just another mysterious process like potty training.  How do I get him to put it all together? I just didn't know. 

Somehow, some way, last week was just the right time and Happy Pig Day was just the right book.  We sat down together and went over words and he started sounding things out and putting words together.  Pretty soon he was just reading.  I don't know why but it felt like something just clicked.  He can be more than a little active, so it was good to see him focus on something.
I may have also promised him a hundred pennies and ten quarters for doing such a good job.  Ooops. Hopefully we will not have to resort to bribery for every homework assignment in the future. 

Supply List
Pen nibs, protractor and ruler border brushes from The Writer's Collection
Letter Chart paper
Read Pocket Stuffers Digital Kit
Fishnet and Northstar Stencils
Printed Pockets - Vintage
Hear Ye Hear Ye Banner Stickers
Plastic Ribbon Classic
Doily Rub-ons Gold
Banner Stickers (tiny alpha)
white cardstock
red paint dabber
gold ink and gold sharpie


  1. This is a gorgeous layout, I can't believe how you wonderfully managed the warm colors of the photo, the result is amazing !

  2. Such fun photos and I love the design of your layout!

  3. Wonderful page and it's always a good feeling with both the parent's and the kids find the right school.

  4. Great page, I love the photo overlay! And the contrast of colours is really stunning! My daughter still doesn't like to read and she is 5 and a half. She's really lazy, but she knows some words! x

  5. Great layout! I love that it's not the traditional back-to-school primary colored recipe. You gave this a fresh update and it really works well.


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