Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week in the Life: Saturday

Friday | Pages

Big photo, some new Amy Tan Cut&Paste paper. I have been looking for chic 'neutral' patterned paper that can hold my journaling. Crate chipboard and stickers, kraft die cut and wooden camera.

 Pocket pages. A few stickers and that is basically it.

 Love these plastic letters from Crate with the black&white card from Midnight.

 Love the trick of using a punch to make a see through element on the page.  To get the two cards to line I adhered them together and punched them at the same time.

Saturday | Words+Photos

We went to Cave Day in Cedar Park in the morning.  Even though we waited in line for an hour, the cave itself was really fun.  I don't know why but it felt really refreshing to be underground.  Avinash and Ryan crawled through this tiny tunnel, and somehow only Ryan got muddy, ha!  The kids got to look for 'treasure' which the spelunkers were kind enough to scatter after Avinash asked about it fifty times.  We went out for Chinese food with some friends and then had a game night at their house.  I love seeing Avinash playing Agricola.  I still remember the first time we played with them and we tried to keep him occupied with Sesame Street.  It's amazing how much he has grown and is still the same.

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