Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life: Wednesday

 Here are my Tuesday pages.  A little later than promised.  It makes more sense for me to post these pages a day after I put them together because I try to photograph my projects in daylight and make them in the middle of the night.  It's a bit of a disconnect. 
 I am so happy with how this day's spread turned out.  I printed two photos on an 8.5x11 sheet and then just trimmed them a bit to leave a little space in the middle for journaling. I used JBS day of the week stamp/alphabet washi tape/JBS chipboard heart/dear Lizzy fabric sticker/glitz quote sticker. The patterned paper is just some ledger paper from a recent SC kit.
I added a few bits to my photos here and there too. I used a few more dear Lizzy stickers/cork SC camera/Crate DIY shop chipboard/another JBS chip heart/2peas flair/midnight cards.

I made a week in the life die cut and you can see the back showing through here.  I just pasted a little wood veneer star on there to dot the i.  Way chic-er than dotting i's with a heart. Kidding.

 We planted pumpkins.  A bit late I know, but I have high hopes! 

 Avinash wanted to take pictures too.  This shot and the next few are a sampling of his work.

 Back home and more puttering around the garden.

 Playground after school.  Weee!

 This squirrel was being chased by another squirrel, but he cleverly hid and ate his prize upside down.  We were all enthralled.

 We picked up Bappi and went for pizza.  I have no will power to say no when someone suggest eating out.  Especially after driving everyone around for at least 4 hours today.  Too much. 

 We walked around afterwards.  I only have one grease stain from Avinash putting his pizza on me!  I have been dying to get a shot by this wall at Jo's coffee.  WITL gives me the perfect excuse and I have my camera handy.

 We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city. 

Before bed we discovered an early birthday present in the mail.  Steelers!  We all played football together. The rules were fluid, but Avi threw some pretty good passes. Nandini got bored and started building houses. 

These posts may seem a bit redundant but typing these out really help me to remember what happened. Even a few hours later things start to get fuzzy.  I had a blood test the other day and they took like ten vials.  I'm blaming this problem on all the blood loss, ha!

Really excited for everything.  I think I may have to get yet another PL kit because the cut&paste kit is so cute.  And everything else too, lol. I need the specialty vellum dear Lizzy paper.  And those cute bows!
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  1. OMG you're actually DOING the pages each day? That would make my head explode. Nice work, mama.

    I've just got this plus a million weeks of PL to catch up on. I hate being sick :(

    1. I'm still behind on PL too. Somehow, doing this during the week itself is easier for me.
      Feel better!!

  2. Niru! I just read that you are expecting! Congratulations to you!

    1. Thank you Betsy! You are the sweetest :)

  3. impressive getting your pages done! i hope you are using extra fertilizer on those pumpkins! not sure if they will be ready by halloween!

    1. Thanks. I guess if they aren't ready for Halloween I can cross my fingers for Thanksgiving. Maybe miracle gro will give us a Halloween miracle?

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  5. Great work finishing those pages as you go! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is fabulous, well done on keeping so up to date!!
    Love the little squirrel, how cute is that LOL.

  7. Impressive! I adore your little girl's curls!! Such cuteness :)

  8. Your kids are so cute, and that wall is such a great photo spot! Congrats on keeping up to date on PL! I absolutely love that quote card by glitz designs :)


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