Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week in the Life: Monday

I am documenting a week in our lives again this year.  I'm using a 8.5x11 1inch binder I got from Staples, along with regular sized pages and baseball card pages.  You'd think I would have had enough of pocket scrapping but I still think it is a really effortless way to scrap.
I definiitely took more pictures than normal yesterday (85) and brought my dSLR everywhere.  We went to the park, out for pizza lunch, Avi's school, the post office, the grocery store and back home.  An average day but I focused on the most fun part - the park of course.  I didn't take any food pictures and I'm fine with that.

I decided this year to focus on writing, but mostly in list form instead of a big chunk about our day.  I am already doing Day in the Life monthly so I wanted this album to be different.  Focus on the highlights and document things a bit differently. 
Some of my list ideas for the week:
  • books we read
  • songs we sing
  • stuff we say all day
  • animals and birds we find
  • shows we watch
  • favorite foods or restaurants

 A look at my full spread.
 I choose an enlargement for today.  I just slanted it across the page before printing. I used picasa to make that as a collage.  Washi tape, stripes of mist, thickers, camera wood veneer and enamel dots colored with a metallic sharpie.

The second side.  I knew I wanted to leave one pocket see through.  I chose a frame that overlapped one of the pockets to add a bit of flow to the page. I added a few words to some of the photo with white letter stickers. 
Today's list was about the animals we saw at the park. 

Inspired by Ali Edwards.


  1. i love your slanted large photo Niru!

  2. I love the enlarged photo and I love how you slanted it! I like your journaling approach to this project. Lists are amazing!

  3. Nice pictures!

  4. What a great system! Love that you included the wood veneer in your pocket pages!! :) Evie

  5. Fun! I want to do Week in the Life one day


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