Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life: Thursday


I had to enlarge their picture in front of this iconic Austin wall. I printed out a few more for a filmstrip across the top.  I used a recently acquired Studio Calico stencil (thank you Anandi!) and some gesso on this ombre patterned paper.  I used another Skippings5 sticker and cork camera for a bit of continuity. 

 The pink tissue is from a school project Avinash made.  I cut it up and put it in without remorse.  How long would a sheet of tissue paper last anyway? I used on journaling card but skipped the list today.  I used a JBS heart//JBS flair//stickers//enamel dots//wooden stars//wooden SC ampersand

 The squirrel got a little paperclip friend.  The kraft circles are cut with a SC file from a few months ago.


Dance class was the major highlight today.  We sat outside afterwards and ate lunch.  Though, they fed most of it to the birds.  We worked in the garden a bit. Avinash was a big help with the watering.  Nandini was more interested in trying to drink from the watering can.  A loose dog ran up to us and we tracked down it's owner.  The dog then got into our neighbor's yard and started chasing the cat.  My kids loved the excitement so much. 
Oh, someone also backed into my car in the school parking lot today and I felt my stress level hit about a million. I may have let them watch almost three hours of TV until Ryan got home.  My dad very sweetly pointed out that he knows I've been trying to manage my stress level but life keeps piling it on.  Just got to keep trying I guess.  I totally don't want to document this event in my album at all and I guess what? I don't have to.

Thoughts so far|Documenting
  • I love having my camera with me more.  I have not been very mindful about this lately and the random pictures I am getting just make me happy.
  • In addition to blog posts I have been writing little emails to myself of things to remember.  This helps a lot too.
  • I haven't taken very many 'stuff' or food pictures.  And, I'm totally okay with this.  Well, I guess there are quite a few pictures of Nandini stuffing her face. Which is ironic given how tiny she is.
  • I like keeping my journaling 'grammar-free'.  I am just using fragments but I still think the story is getting told.  I add back in detail with my lists.  Which I am loving.  
  • Also planning to document things they have been saying all week.  Keeping a running list of that on my phone too. 
  • Love working on my pages at night at the end of the day.  I fear I would not finish my album otherwise since there is always more to do on the horizon and things would not be fresh in my mind.  I didn't do those daily sheets, they just overwhelm me but I haven't really tried them either.
  • I am trying to keep it simple but I find myself pulling from different supplies each day.  I probably should have made myself a kit from my stash ahead of time to simplify the process.  
  • Love having see through elements in a pocket.  I may go back and include some transparencies as well. 
  • So grateful for this project and the chance to document and reflect.  Looking at pictures of myself, I see that I look tired.  I think I carry it around like an overcoat.  I can open my eyes wider and just relax. Realizing that life is good and trying to just let go of the stress I keep.   
Really excited for everything.  I think I may have to get yet another PL kit because the cut&paste kit is so cute.  And everything else too, lol. I need the specialty vellum dear Lizzy paper.  And those cute bows!
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  1. Hello!! WOW, your album is looking awesome, I love the size and format! Great job getting this done each day too, you are so good about that. My plan was this too but I'm having uploading issues at my store so I switched and hope this will help me get some pages done soon. I think the little bits of journaling is just right. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Congrats on the new baby, so excited for you both! How nice this WITL will be too look back on and life before #3 comes.

  2. I love what you are doing with this! The large photos are fantastic!!!!


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