Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nandini, age two and a half

I have been posting a lot of converations with Nandini on facebook and writing down even more to myself so as not to deluge everyone I know with this random stuff.  Though, I suppose it doesn't matter.  There is no perfect thing to post on FB so why should I worry about it?  Oh well. I thought I would share it here too just for posterity's sake.  Plus, we think it is pretty hilarious and totally adorable. I guess the two's are supposed to be terrible but we think they are pretty amazing.   

Nandini runs up to me with my old toy pony (from Sheera, remember that?)
N: Look a horsie! Horsie, horsie horsie! Show Bappi?
Me: Yeah a horsie. Neigh! Go show Bappi.
N: Bappi look a horsie.
R: Cute pony. What is it's name?
N: COW!!

Brilliant I tell you.


Who are you? Gudiya
Where are you? Oh, ah, right there.
What day is it? Gudiya day!

So I guess she's only a GCS 14. So is Avinash but that is because he can't follow commands.


 Nandini: Here ya go Mommy, the number N.
Now if only we could figure out who is teaching her this stuff.


We've been talking about how Mulan and Pochahantas were real people. Of course Avi asks if they died and which other characters have died. Nandini asks, "did Bella died?" No, she's just a story. Her response: "Bella's cat died. Ahhhh!" And then does her best impression of a cat flailing all of its limb falling out of a tower. Wow.


N: Gudiya call Nana.
Me: What is Nana's number?
N: 8!
*picks up calculator*
Hello Nana .... good ... I go ceety [city] ...OK, ok, bye!


N: I so love it! So nummy.
I love that!
I like it.

(Praising food is new.  She still eats sparingly, but I'll take what I can get}


All done! I eat it all up!
(usually pretend food, she is suddenly not a pick eater when the food is imaginary)


N: Go Target? Yay!
There! I found Target!
(Girl has an eagle eye for that logo and the mermaid/fish lady in green. Also, I think she loves trips to Target more than I do, how awesome is that?)


N: Mommy so cute!
thank you.
N: Mommy so cute! Nose!
N: Ears!
Oh, you like my ears?
N: Ears! Mommy so cute! (starts gesturing down from her ears as in earrings)
Oh, you like my earrings? Thank you sweet baby!
N: Mommy so cute.
A: I think your earrings are so pretty Mommy!
N: Mommy so cute, so pretty!
Oh, I loved it.  The first of many fashion accessory discussions?  But, I guess we discuss her hair accessories a lot already.

I made a similar record for Avinash when he was around 2.  He talks a lot but never quite as much as his sister does.  Just as funny though. I'm thankful for week in the life which helped me to remember to record a lot of these.  I know I will treasure looking back at the things she used to say at this age when she is older. 


  1. The child is clearly a comedic genius.

  2. This is SUCH a darling post and adorable conversations...thank you for sharing. I can't wait to meet her :) <3 <3 <3

  3. I wish I had written down more of these from when T was younger. I'm sure they're on FB somewhere if I could ever get the darn archive to download! Love this. It would make a super cute mini album.


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