Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{Avinash last week, eating all the prasad before puja even started.  Nana of course lets him get away with it because he is his little Krishna, ha!}

Nandini - You were so hilarious at puja today.  You were so calm and collected in the beginning.  Even as Avinash pretty much smeared our entire foreheads in tika over and over again.  You sat through it all with your usual equanimity.  We started to sing the aarti and I told Avinash to read his Hanuman book in an effort to put away the red tika powder.  Well, once you spotted that book you wanted it.  Bad.  I had to hold on to you in my lap pretty tightly to keep you from jumping out.  Ryan and I couldn't help laughing in the middle of singing as you persistently cried out in frustration.  Not sobbing tears, just hilariously frantic bouncing and frustration over our percieved inability to understand what you wanted.  Oh, we know.  Trust me dear, we know.  It was nice to laugh a little tonight because it has felt like a fog all day.  Ana's biopsy is tomorrow and I can't help worrying.  She said yesterday she's not concerned because she her faith in God, but she was definitely starting to get nervous today.  Apparently they might need to do surgery too, so she was preparing for a few days in the hospital just in case. 

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