Monday, September 19, 2011

6 months?

Who me?

Woo-hoo! Nandini, you are officially six months old today, err, some time last week.
Could I totally forget to record this huge milestone and let the day go by in blur?? No way!
Better late than never I guess. I am so proud of you!!
Do I constantly wonder how I was blessed with such a good baby?
No way!

Do I worry that you are so quiet normally and do I panic in the middle of the night and wake you up from sleep to check on you?

Not me!
You can sit on your own, though you really don't like to, because you would rather be in someone's arms or on the go. You are such an experienced crawler already. You definitely have your own opinions already. And it so funny listening to you express them. You know that you have to increase your normal volume if you want to get your favorite toy or stuff that piece of food in your mouth.

Would I ever laugh at you while you are screaming and bouncing up and down in my lap trying to reach something?


Did I totally disrupt your sleep schedule yesterday so we could have a girl's day of chai and shopping?
Oh yeah, and give you hard matri and then a mint leaf to chew on whole? Ooops...not me!

I love that your hair hasn't fallen out yet. Except for a short-lived small patch at the back, you never really went through the bald baby phase. Do I purposefully feed tons of avocado to keep your hair full and shiny?

I love, love, love dressing you up in all manner of different outfits. You have your lion. We have put you in Avi's old lady bug and little monster outfits. You have your baby girl monkey outfit. And a recently acquired mermaid's tail, best worn with many strands of pearls of course. You may also have a little skunk outfit. And I may or may not have put you in it to test Avi's skunk spotting abilities. He laughed and hugged you as you tried to crawl towards him in the slippery velour. Until he remembered that he was scared of skunks (I scared a 'kunks!!). I definitely did not bemoan the fact that the short tail did not do justice to your posterior. And we definitely did not call you Pepe le Pieu for a while. And not because of the smell, but because of his womanizing.
Do I laugh at other parents who question my laissez-faire parenting approach?
Not me.
You tend to stare around in the room in total amazement a lot of the time, especially when you go somewhere new. And you give the sweetest little looks to people when you want to charm them. I wonder where you get your quiet sweet demeanor from??
Definitely not me, ha!

6 months

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