Sunday, September 11, 2011

We all She screams for ice cream

Nandini already has her nanaji wrapped around her little finger.  We all went out for ice cream in our last night in pa.  Avinash wanted berries and sprinkles, which was more for show and less for eating.  Ryan got a fudge brownie shoofly sundae bigger than his head.  And we all forgot to get any for Nandini!  She sat in Nana's lap while he ate.  Every spoonful she tried to get. 

{Photo from a different ice cream outing - soft serve at green park which was actually way better anyway..}

As the spoon came up she opened her mouth wide only to be foiled each time resulting in regular tears of frustration.  Poor little girl then had to endure her own mother laughing at her!  Luckily for her, once my dad caught on to the cause of her consternation he quickly chucked the cup and herded us all back to the van to go home.  Then promised her unlimited ice cream next time she came to visit, ha!

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