Sunday, September 18, 2011


Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

{Peer into the depths at th' graven images from years past}
Ahoy!! We be charrrtin' a courrrse t' th' little sandcrrrabs's Museum in Houston ferrr th' Pirrrate's Ahoy Bash! We hope t' be t' most extrrravagantly drrress'd family again this yearrr, and a bottle of grog! What in th' name o' Davy Jones be ye doin' t' fest?

Rememberrr, blac kie kajal makes grrreat deadlight patches, bearrrds and moustaches, and a bottle of rum!  Avinash be verrry fond o' th' moustache, aaarrrgh!  Also, ye can ne'errr set sail wrrrong wit' gold jewelrrry, scarrrves and strrripes, avast! 

English-to-Pirate translators can be found herrrrrre, herrrrrre and herrrrrrrrrrrre.

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