Thursday, September 1, 2011

The things i do for laughs...

Nandini is generally a very serious and poised little baby.  But she has a really weird sense of humor.
Or just a really weird mommy.

When changing her diaper last night she found it hysterical when I covered my face with it and asked does it go there?
Mr. Avi was totally enthralled with our game and wanted to take a turn too.
And wanted Ryan to take a turn.  He may have turned and almost ran out of the bathroom right then.
It was a clean diaper at least!

Of course, I was playing with fire a bit there because she was giggling and still sans diaper.  Luckily we both stayed dry.

No comment on whether I did this on the plane later the next day to entertain her.  Who doesn't love seeing a random lady on the plane with a diaper on her head?

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