Friday, September 16, 2011

The news

Avi's school records the 'news' from the kids every day and it is the cutest thing.  Probably what led us to choose his school in the first place.  The ask each kid what his news is and write it on a biiiig notebook which gets saved.  I love that it gives him a voice and validates what he has to say.  I love to record what he says, but I usually do it out of his sight.  It is so cute to picture all the kids taking turns.
Apparently most kids don't say anything every day, which is also just cracks me up.

Avinash has only had one entry so far:
I ride a bike.

Which is funny, because he really doesn't.  He has a little tricycle at my parent's house (no way I'm carrying that thing on the plane), but he can't really push the pedals or anything.  He can sit on it and push it around with his feet on the ground a little, but that's it.

I try to get the news out of him after school every day too.  That is why I love picking him up (even though I hate driving there in the middle of the day).  I can't wait to hear about school.

And I got to hear this on the car ride home Wednesday.

Avi see Nisha.
Oh yeah, did you guys play?
Yeah, p'ay choo choo p'ains.
Oh, what else happened at school?
Else! What else I do mommy?
I don't know I wasn't there.
Mommy at work.  What you do? ? books and write papers?
What else mommy??
Uhh....not much.

I was so stunned by his empathy.  It gets me everytime.  I couldn't believe that he wanted to know what I do all day too, ha!!  

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