Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Led Weaning

Nandini is soooo crazy about food right now.  And not just ice cream.  It seems like in the past few days her interest in all things food has just skyrocketed.  She has been wont to go after anything Avinash is using.  And will grab your water glass and dump it all over you if you are not faster than her (which is not easy, believe me). This is her at our favorite chaat place in Hillcroft over the weekend.  Could she be any poutier??  I gave her a few spoons of yogurt and nursed her, but she wasn't having any of it.  Nandini wanted dosa!!  She instantly stopped fussing when I gave her a little hunk to hold.  All she did was suck on it, but I took it away pretty quickly because I didn't know if she could have it.  I realized later that it is made from rice flour, so it is probably fine.  She was all like, Mommmy I told you so!!!                                                I read up on something called baby led weaning too.  She seems like a perfect candidate for it.  It is also perfect for me because while I have no problem nursing her anytime/anywhere, I get all lazy about spooning food into kids' mouths.  It just bores me.  I bought a bunch of avocados, mangos and pears.  We tried it with a little hunk of pear and carrot, but I don't think they were quite soft enough yet.  I am trying this very slowly.  Has anyone else tried this?  

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