Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Magic | December Daily Day 18

Such an interesting, emotional day.  Went to see Star Wars with my brother.  I have totally mixed feelings about the movie.  The originals were a huge part of my childhood.  I still love them and watch them frequently.  The new movie is great.  And it feels really good to see an African American in a leading role instead of just a side character.  But the whole thing is still bittersweet.  The movie was well done but felt like nothing more than an homage to episode 4, not a new movie.  I would call it an excellent remake.  

 I used a large set of alpha stamps here.  Stars became the As of course.  I scattered more star sequins.

 I used a transparency here to divide day 18 from 17.

Lakshman got to dress up as Yoda before we went to the movies.  He is back to being afraid of the Yoda doll again though.   For a while he would play with him everyday. 

This is my original Day 18 page.  The pictures turned out so dark.  I was reading that Ali will sometimes prints things out five times to get it right.  I figured I could do one more print of these pictures. 

So much better right?  Pretty simple.  Just pictures and writing.

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