Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oh What Fun! | Day 12

Today we finally decorated our big pine tree.  Ryan kept hauling out box after box of ornaments.  I did well at after Christmas clearance shopping at Target last year.  Somehow the branches of our tree are really slippery this year so most of the glass ornaments are not going up right now.  We do have plenty of plastic and felt ones though.  The kids got really excited when I found a bunch of animals for them to hang up.  Nandini was totally in love with the little cinderella ornament we had for her.

I have these old holiday handbook dividers sitting around so I pulled one out for this spread.  I wanted to use my big vintage Jenni Bowlin Stamp Set so I stamped out Avinash's reaction to the tree.  He seems so big to me because he is my oldest, but he still has so much wonder and innocence in his heart.  Love that.  

This is how the front of the insert looks (facing day 11). 

I added a little gold chipboard heart or star from the Ali Edward's kit to each photo.   Trimming is typed out in white using the font Antrokas (I only have the demo - free version because I'm cheap). I choose a simple sans serif font below it for contrast.

I finally used that fabulous confetti from the kit here.  It was probably one of my favorite things about the kit to begin with.  I used the gold chipboard 'happy little trees' stuck on the outside of the page protector.

I dream of painting like Bob Ross one day.

Here is the full happy spread. The kids looked through the photos with me before I printed them out and wrote out their own captions.  Mostly about loving each other.  Those had to stay, obviously.

Here is how that confetti pocket looks from the back.  I used some silver trees from SC Lemon Lush.  They are not exactly the same width but the confetti covers up the raw chipboard backing for the most part. I was going to put the next day in this page but I ended up not liking that.

I put in an extra picture of this cutie bear instead.  I might add some journaling lines here if I get the time.

And, I will leave you with this:


  1. Beautiful job! I love the idea of having your kids captioning the photos, I'll try it here.

  2. This is looking beautiful -- now I'll have to scroll back to see if you've shared other pages! The confetti page is very festive and I love the gold and silver accents. I have pictures printed up for each day so far and now need to do everything else, if I can just get myself to focus and get off the computer.

  3. Beautiful DD pages! So glad you linked up and shared your craftiness with us at tMN!!!


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