Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day Six

A simple card with a gentle reminder for myself. The kids have no preschool or kindergarten for the next 47 days.  We will all be going a little stir crazy as a result.  No down time for the baby, which means less napping. No daily structure or friend time for the kids which means more pent up energy.  Less driving for me, but needing to set up a new routine.  I like my little quiet time during the day and going with out it will be hard.  Still, this time is a nice gift.  A chance to spend some quality time together.  More reading books, less reading blogs on my phone.  More snuggling and less time in traffic.  More sibling bonding, but less alone time.

Red letter stickers spelling be present are from Kelly Purkey. They are a very excellent true red. I added a couple gold star runs on the card as well. I stamped a little sentiment from this years stamp set. I cut it out and adhered it to the card for a little extra dimension.

 My little bear needed a stamped bear next to him of course. I wrapped a bit of twine around him for a little extra warmth.

This is the full spread.  I like the checkerboard look here, alternating photos and  cards. a simple page but I'm glad of a light photo day. I feel like I really want to include more stories here going forward.  

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