Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 9

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Today we went to a really wonderful storytime at the Botanical Gardens.  The theme was trees, which fit in perfectly. I especially loved it because I got a real peek into what Nandini is like in the classroom. I'm so used to her being shy and quiet, especially in groups.  Today she was raising her hand, answering questions and offering opinions just like her loquacious older brother always does. 

I used an AE daily template her for the 4x6 photo.  The stamp is from the story kit. I used this old airmail label that has been languishing in my stash for a while.  I liked the opportunity to include a little navy, it is a good change of pace from all the Christmas colors.(Her little trench coat is from Janie and Jack by the way).

We also finally started to decorate the tree a little bit.  So far it is just the lights.

I trimmed a page protector to make it hold two 4x4 slots (instead of two 4x6s).  I should probably be stitching these shut, but so far it is just closed on the top with the tab stapled to the side.  The bottom page is actually glued to the outside of the protector.

 The full spread. I'm Loving these  big gold letters and numbers. I think I used four different stamp sets on this spread.  But, only in black and red.  I keep all the stamps I'm using for this project together in a box on my workspace.  That means I can reach for them often and easily.
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