Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 10

Today was awful and also amazing for the same reason. Everything is fine now, but despite what they say, that is not all that matters.  Being reminded of how easily it all can just slip away, even vicariously, hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I feel grateful.  My Dad has had heart problems before, and I never want things to be that bad again. I just worry about my parents so much.

This affects the kids so much now too. Avinash (and all the kids) heard my conversation in the car with my mom. We told them he was going to the hospital for a check up, but he was still so scared.  He broke down in tears several times over nothing. 

I attempted a trip to work out at the gym but we ended up at the park instead. While we were at the park we got to facetime with my parents for a little bit and it meant so much.  It was hard to see him in the hospital, but just seeing made everyone feel better. Now, I am still trying to process everything.  How can I feel so glad and so awful at the same time still? My Dad is a firm believer in Sri Ram and that he is always with him.  I have to just put all my faith into him.

I wrote about why I am so grateful for my Dad. I couldn't even begin to talk about anything else.

I added this overlay from Paislee Press to a 4x6 shot from the park.  I asked Ryan if the picture looked weird or not and he couldn't get over the fact that it said "Tuesday".  Apparently, Tuesday is right out. Much like the number five.  Thank goodness today was the ninth!

The Land of Nod HoliDAILY Toy Sale Land of Nod has a different sale everyday until the 17th! Today (12/11) all Arts & Crafts stuff is 20% off and you know I'm excited about that!

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