Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day Seven

This spread is about Saturday and the Capitol Tree lighting. We spent most of the day in the ER actually because Nandini needed stitches. 
It was stressful keeping three little ones entertained while waiting. Apparently there is no actual doctor in the ER itself who knows how to do stitches and we had to wait for a doc from another hospital. Nandini was really brave though and she is doing fine now.  
Still I just didn't find space for the story in my album. I can add it to PL later (or not at all). I'm being very real when I say the things I want to remember the most are things that make me smile not frown. 

 Plus there were plenty of stories to tell about the tree lighting. Like singing carols together. Like playing and sledding with friends.

I cut this snow globe out of the program. How fabulous is it? I love our city. 

I pasted a few acrylic stars around the page. I added on of the kit's acrylic words too. For a little added dimension I pasted some more chipboard stars on top of that. 

I did four pages for this day. Here is the full spread in the middle. I was beyond thrilled to get a good family photo in front of the the tree and Capitol. Being a mom is hard sometimes and I just needed a little win :)

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