Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day 20&21

Today was a "snow day", except the snow was all fake of course. We probably aren't due for snow here for another ten years after the snowfall in January
The kids have been face timing a lot with my parents since my Dad has been home from the hospital. It has provided all of us with a certain amount of comfort. Nandini this day was very sweetly reading a book with him. Love how she is following along with him. 

I used the new a beautiful mess app script brush set on both these photos. I love the silliness of using a huge photo overlay. Plus, it helped distract a bit from all the legs in the background of the photo.

The next spread is all about my trip to the nutcracker with Avinash. Nandini doesn't quite have the patience or interest in it yet. Though she did ask to come with us at the end. Ouch. 
Avinash really appreciated it though. He wanted to cover is eyes when Fritz breaks the nutcracker. He takes these things to heart so much. He learned the Chinese dance in class and was excited to see it live. He kept telling me different parts were just perfect or really well danced. He also wants to play all th male roles some day. When he's older. 

I carefully pasted this tattoo on to the surface of our tickets. I clipped them on to a transparency page divider. Love how far one sheet can go in a mini album like this. Plus it adds cohesion. 

I stapled the ticket envelope to the back of the transparency. When I asked Avi to hold it before the show he said, "it would be a honor!" That just made me melt. I had to save it of course after that. 

I plan to tuck my journaling inside the envelope here. 

I added the text over a photo I took during the performance (no flash of course) using the letter glow app.  My computer is super old and slow, so I've been printing a lot directly from my phone lately.  I added the little gold star under the wording.

I used an older stamp along the lines of the horizon. I added another chipboard piece on top. I have pretty carefully rationed them and have enough until the 25th. 

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