Friday, December 26, 2014

Oh What Fun | December Daily Says 22-23

We wrote our letters to Santa today.  The time was drawing really close and Avinash realized he needed to get his letter in the mail soon. I put in a picture of these cute lego ornaments they got for the tree.  Today was project day apparently.

I wrote out what they said on a little tag in case it is too tough to read their writing.  Don't tell them I took their letters out of the envelope.  I wrote down the lists and put it in though.  I just love keeping their writing at this age. 

I punched holes in the date card to frame the letters.

I put a little red label with their ages and names on the back.

Lakshman wrote a letter.  It's mostly scribbles but I think it gets the message across. 

 The next spread holds our holiday card for the year.  I did these so last minute this year, but I'm glad I finally got them out.

I used an Ali Edwards template here for the journaling here.

 I added one the transparency overlays as well.  I like that it kind of matches the gold foil lettering on our card.

I journaled about the things we did that day and how I was feeling.  It was a really nice day over all.  I punctuated each little story with a different stamp.  I added a little strip of patterned paper and a chipboard piece. 


  1. Awesome that you did this! I love keeping their writing and scribbles too, and I can't believe L is already 10 months!!

  2. Your children's handwriting is so sweet!


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