Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oh What Fun! | December Daily Day Eight

Cutting down our own tree is becoming one of our favorite traditions. The tree farm is a little drive outside the city. I love to be reminded of how close to farm land we live.  We almost bought a pre cut fir when we got there but Ryan really wanted to do some chopping. Ha. 

I love a good blurry background shot. I added a lot of text to the photo before printing it out. Turns out this is a lot easier than trying to make myself write stuff out with my messy handwriting. I trimmed a chipboard piece to line up with the text. I colored in one of the acrylic words with a silver sharpie so it would be a little more opaque. 
I thought the bottom photo needed a little something to tie it in. I added a strip of silver stickers and a thin red glitter ribbon. 

 I printed out another daily template from AE for this date. I trimmed my photo and popped it in the box. I trimmed this word strip from a SC patterned paper and added that to the side. I was going to stitch it down but when I saw the red thread I decided to wrap it around like a present.
I don't ever have enough pictures of Ryan so I had to include this picture of him with the tree. He's always pretty proud of cutting the tree down. The sentiment is from this years kits stamp set.

I really wanted to take some pictures at the tree farm. I thought it was a good opportunity to dress them in the matching sweaters I bought them from Gap. I surprised them with some fake snow (glitter and cornstarch mixed up) and they were delighted to play around with it.  It was so much fun. Kind of like Holiday without the stains. Ha. 

Like last year I kept the tree tag for my album. I added a silver thicker saying how tall it was. The height also happens to coincide with the 
I stapled a wooden tree (from a gossamer blue set) to the pocket. The SC flair is glued to the outside. 
Again I added my journaling before printing. I trimmed a wooden snowflake from Target to line up with the text. I added another silver foil word strip too. 

 The full spread. I know there are a lot of pages the past few days but I expect things will slow down during the week. I might as well make hay while I can! Ha. 


  1. This is beautiful! Great photography and I like how you told the story!

  2. Great pictures! Love the matching sweaters!!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Such a fun memory captured and documented!


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