Monday, December 7, 2015

December Daily | Day 5

We had our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm.  I look forward to this every year.  We only started cutting down our own trees once we moved to Austin.  I can't remember what we did before that but I think we mostly got a mini tree or just waited until we got to my parent's house. 

I brought my new little portrait lens along and I really love how the photos turned out.  When I first tried using it I tried using it at f/1.8 but that was just way too narrow a depth of field.  I turned it up to 2.8 and was much happier with the photos this time around.  I'm still struggling with the zoom but I'm not sure I'm the type to switch lenses a lot. 

 Here's a look at the photo in the album.  I was going to stamp on that label originally.  But since my spread is across three different sides I decided to add silver stars to unify the pages.

Here is how it looks with Day 4.  Two days, two different farms.  

I added another full page here.  I added the photo and journaling directly to the template and printed it out as one piece.  It takes a little extra time to type and print my journaling but I can get a lot more of the story down than I would otherwise and am far happier than with my hand writing. I stapled a little five transparency to the date circle here.  I loved this patterned paper that came with the kit and hated cutting it up, but it really looked good here.  Then I added another silver star here as well. 

I created a 3x8 insert with more photos from the farm.  I could have added ten more but am trying to edit myself a little. 

I used another page from the log book for more journaling on the back.  We had three separate activities in one day and many more stories to tell.

I stacked some stamped sentiments and added a little kraft phrase.  I used those kraft phrases throughout the other pages of this day as well.

I used a divided page to hold more photos of the day.  An easy and quick way to get a lot of photos in.  Not every day will be this busy.  These are important events to my family and our story and I didn't want to leave them out even if it means tripling up on stories for one day. 

I kept to a pretty simple color scheme.  Red, silver and and neutrals.  The acrylic shapes are from last year's kit.  The silver star and tree are from this years.

I am linking up with Ali Edwards, which is also who I get my December Daily kit from. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.   


  1. How lovely! I'm envious of your blue skies, London is very grey of late.

    1. We have been pretty lucky this year! Though my overcast shots from last year were a little better technically because of the soft lighting.


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