Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Magic | December Daily Day 10

Just a normal day around here really but busy.  The days are definitely long right now.  Therapy, quick coffee together, off to volunteer at Avi's school, trip to the park and then back to the carpool line.   No after school activities so home earlier than usual. 

I told the basic story on the right side of the spread.  Just a quick divided page with lots of photos and one journaling card.  I added a little washi strip and some sequins there.

With the full spread. 

I put the date on a clear divided page in between the spread. I used two rubber banners as the tab.

I stamped a circle tag with this new SC stamp.  I also added a chipboard star and two plastic houses.

I like how the left side is a very colorful contrast to the right side.  I stamped on top of an already patterned journaling card.  Then I cut out these houses from another card and stitched them on top.  I journaled on a plain card and stitched that in place too.  Keeping the text on a thinner separate card made it much easier to keep my handwriting neat. 

I choose to tell a much more personal story on the left.  This project is perfect for journaling beyond the usual where and what and opening up about emotions as well. 

You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

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  1. love those bright houses. Have to admit I miss the elementary school days now that my guys are grown. Vicariously enjoying yours!!


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