Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dear Santa | December Daily Day 18

I went back and added more pages to Day 18.  I finally sat down with the kids and did their letters to Santa with them.  They have already seen him several times but were eager to write notes too.

I backed the Santa page with this.  

I printed out the title on photo paper.  I used font Modern No. 20.

 I took Ali's idea of stitiching a pocket into the big gold tag.  I put the year on the front.

I took shipping tags and edged them with airmail fabric tape.

Each tag has the kid's initial and age.  On the back I transcribed what the letters actually said.  I have pictures as well but the real letters are in the mail.

I tried to keep the adorable original spelling.

I did keep Lakshman's letter since I'm the one who wrote it after all.  He did the stickers himself though.

I die cut this blue tag and added a few OA marquee letter stickers.

I added a few more pictures to the back.

 A red plastic snowflake floating in a pocket. I added a tree sticker with a star on top of course.  I have done this like a dozen times so far.  Oops.

The picture flips up to show Lakshman popping up.  He loved this page so much when we looked at it.

I saved this napkin from Avinash's school holiday party.  How great is that gold foiling?  I'm sure I looked like a crazy person stuffing it into my pocket though.  Ha.

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