Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Daily | Day 2 + Cover Page

This morning was wonderful.  It was my last kid-free morning for the next seven weeks!  I just sat in front of my fireplace and tinkered with my album.  I was thinking about reworking my cover page because I felt like I left too much space for the magic die cut.  I pulled out this snow globe transparency from the last SC kit and found that it filled up the space beautifully.

I used my fuse tool to adhere the shape to the plastic page.  I had to kind of roll slowly so that it would heat through the thick layers.  I put a few white and cream sequins and snowflakes inside the pocket.  It doesn't move much but I love the way it turned out.  I moved the December Daily up a little because I wanted to temper the orange base a bit.

 I added another page to my Day 2 spread as well.

 The flip up of the journaling.  The best part of December is the journey and even doing this little project helps me remember that.

I put a star transparency behind the large chipboard number to mask the raw look.  The rest of the page is pretty simple, which I love.  The little journaling card is trimmed down from the AE kit log book.  It fits perfectly. 

Ok, so I added two more pages to Day 2.  Here's hoping this album doesn't get completely out of control.

This is also basically my favorite thing ever.  I love my kids preschool so so much.  It is my life basically.  I have met almost my friends there.  Lakshman has known most of the teachers there almost every day since before he was born.  And, I love how they let the kids be creative and make their own choices when it comes to art.  But......I do miss having a little bit of the traditional kid art work around the house.  Lakshman just started going to OT and his therapist loves doing the classic art projects with him.  He made this footprint with her and I helped him glue down the confetti.  I may have added my own star ;)

I added some patterned that is probably a lot more playful than my usual style but I love the way it looks here.  I could have just punched holes in the project and put it in without a page protector but it looks so cool filling out the photo template.

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  1. Your pages are really cute! Love the hidden journaling!

  2. I love that you wrote about your child's preschool teacher. I teach early childhood education in college and one of my classes is about parent involvement and the importance of the relationship between parents and teachers. Getting ready to grade finals and your post makes me so happy. I hope you don't mind that this comment wasn't about December Daily. I do love that too!!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Nancy! It really means a lot to me. I treasure his teacher and I am glad that it shows. Good luck with the rest of your semester. Your class sounds so fantastic!


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