Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Magic December Daily | Day 8

We finally got some ornaments on the tree.  We got out about half of the ornament boxes from the garage that didn't look breakable.  I helped put on hooks and strings but the kids did most of, Nandini especially. 

I printed just one full page size photo for today.  I added some perforated tab paper from Jenni Bowlin into the tab of the template because it fit perfectly.  I may go back and take those snowflakes off.  Too fussy. 
I stamped a sentiment from the magic story kit into the smaller tab.  

I typed my journaling directly onto the photo which is about as digital as I get these days. I added a rubber banner on top and a glittered sticker underneath.  Both fit in really well with the text shape. 

Here is a look at the whole spread.  I put a transparency from the kit in between these pages.


So I did end up going back and taking those silver snowflakes off.  I love the labels and it does seem a bit odd to leave them plain, but I just like them better that way right now. Any thoughts?

Here is how the spread looks now.  I took the snowflakes off the side and added them to the center of the transparency.

It's definitely simpler but I like it better this way.  Time to move on.

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