Sunday, December 6, 2015

December Daily | Day 4

On this day we had a little school field trip to an educational farm in our area.

As usual I had trouble narrowing down my stories and pictures, but I did it! There were so many good ones of the kids with cute animals but ultimately these images spoke to me the most.

 I started with the back of the four pocket page from yesterday.  These are always really easy to work with.  I don't go crazy, just slip in photos and a few journaling cards.

I covered up the deer card with these black and white trees instead.  I love them with the red label and wood number. 

I added the word strips in a little tree to the 4x6 photo of Nandini. I need to probaby type up that journaling or at least put it on a label so that it is more visible. 

Right now this layout is faced by a letterpressed page from this year's kit.

I added some inserts to my day three as well.  I started with one page from the anthropologie catalog and that quickly turned into the three. 

The ornament box is the piece that I added last.  I originally had a longer strip of journaling but the font looked to big to me.  I resized it and then added this to fill the empty space. 

This insert started as one page.  Then Nandini saw the leftover scraps and wanted me to include the second half as well.  I stamped a thin piece of cardstock with alternating red and black phrases to make a border on the left.  I did some machine stitching as well.  Always super happy with the dimension that it gives my projects.

For me, the amount of self portraits so far have been zero and not likely to change much so I figured I better add this one while I had the chance.  Nothing like a long skinny print to make me feel good about myself, ha. 

I'm staggering my posts by one day now so that I can shoot the pictures during the day and then post them the next morning.  It's a much easier and doable schedule for me since working on the actual during the day isn't possible with the kids at home.

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