Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Daily | Day 1

Here we go again.

I'm so excited to be in this season.  I have been a bit derailed the past few days because I haven't been feeling well but I still had a few posts put together.

 I typed some of my intentions and our plans for the month.  We filled out the calendar this weekend with lots of fun little events going on this month.  Trying to plan and avoid getting overwhelmed.
Also, I really need to write more about much magic means to me and our family right now.  Being seven is a tough age sometimes.

 We went to visit Santa in November.  I definitely put that in my album.  I just journaled it as a past event.  No big deal.  

I printed off the photo and pasted it into this template from Ali Edwards.  I think I will use them almost all month but will likely change the December to the day of the week.  

I thought that tree looked a little lonely so I added a cork star and a word strip. 

He's such a friendly baby but he had the classic melt down when put in his lap.  I kind of love it. Oops.  I think we have one of him like that last year as well.  Avi was reluctant to sit on Santa's lap but Nandini was very eager to share her growing list.

A simple chipboard star and an awesome acrylic sticker from PinkFresh Studios.  I had the hardest time finding them in stock anywhere.

 I printed out a long column of journaling for this story.  Trying to record the details and things I want to remember.  Need to include some more reflections next time.   Typed journaling is always quicker and easier for me, but it does require some advance planning.  A bit easier in the beginning when I have nothing done and nothing to fit it into.

The journaling flips up to a couple more photos.  I used washi tape to connect the journaling to the photo and make the flap.  Here I was trying my new lens and am still getting the hang of it.  These are evening/indoor photos though and the quality was never going to be amazing.  

I ended up adding this little story about Lakshman at school today as well.  I was able to use the A Beautiful Mess app and journal right on my phone.  Much quicker than having to pull up photoshop.  I even played around with the word opacity a bit.  I really love how it turned out.  Luckily the preformatting fit into my photo well, otherwise it would be harder to use. 

Here is a look at that printed out and in the album. 
I stapled a bit of the patterned paper from the first page into a little tab with a little word sticker on top.

What are your big and little plans for the month of December?  I hope you will make it great!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that Santa picture!!!!! That's a good one to use for blackmail when he's a teenager!

    Gorgeous pages!

  2. oh gorgeous! The 3x8 looks great

  3. Love it!! Love the Santa photo. Your babies are growing up... :)


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