Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Daily | Day 12 Capitol Tree Lighting

Every year Austin does a really fun downtown stroll, with a Holiday Sing-a-long and Tree Lighting.  We decided to brave the rain and go this year like always but we were lucky enough to find no rain and no crowds! 

I clipped a large cork number three (this event took place on December 3rd this year) and slipped it in a 3x8 page protector.  I love stacking up pages in progressively increasing sizes.  

On the back I added another star and little label. I punched holes in the card being handed out at the event.  
That airmail stripe around the edge? C'mon! You know I was saving it.  

The card is 4x6 and the perfect size to fit an extra photo on the back.  I felt like I needed to include a little more about Avinash right now.  His happy face while drinking hot cocoa was great.  He wants to be older and more mature so badly that he hides his happiness sometimes.  It is good to see him letting his guard down once in a while.

Lakshman on the other hand is all about fun!  He was thrilled when I asked him if he wanted to see a firetruck.  

"I go in a firetruck. That'a be FUN!"

Like, of course I want to go in Mom.  How is that even a question?

The full spread.  A lot of photos and words.

Thanks for checking out my pages again! 


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