Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everybody's looking forward to the weeekend

This weekend was all about family time. Going strawberry picking, hanging out with friends, cooking, eating outside again finally.  Ryan and I started watching homeland together and have been flying through it.  I think I really just miss Firefly and like seeing Inara again.
We also ventured out to the art musuem for some culture and food trucks.  We ended up doing every family day activity there.  The food truck there on Sunday turned out to be Rice box.  The food was great and the service was fantastic.  By the time we made our way out to the truck they were almost out of everything, including rice, but they still whipped together two different and scrumptious tofu dishes for us.  Like, the kind where you have actual tofu inside the crispy crust, not just some stringy gristle. 

Did I mention that we had Picasso story time to ourselves.  You'd think these two had never seen pillows before.  (Picasso? Meh.  Pillows?!?!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeee!)

How was your weekend?

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