Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On my birthday

 I washed my pillows and sheets the night before for my birthday sleep.

I took a million pictures even though I just did that on the 12th.  Even the toys scattered around the living room seemed more artful.

I made jaggery syrup for my birthday coffee.

I bought a bunch of flowers and arranged them myself to brighten up a corner of my desk.

I made breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family.  Lunch was cobbler.  Dinner was outside on the patio.  Chickpeas and my famous crispy stove top fingerling potato and garlic recipe

I had to stop by Target for all the birthday essentials.

I had a birthday workout, birthday nap, birthday shower (you get the idea).  

I got a new game from my favorite boy and girl.  She kept trying to eat the marbles, but luckily Ryan was too fast for her. She was persistent though.

I did some birthday crafting.  Using scraps and my new SC City of Lights kit.

 New + old Amy Tangerine seemed to play well together.

I used like every paper in this one kit on this layout.  I misted, stamped, embossed, inked, misted again, cut paper frames, washi taped, journaled, titled, stapled, twined...but the whole thing seemed lacking.  So I tried a sprinkling of sequins.  It wasn't working until a randomly scattered a big handful from above.  Glue in place and done!

I am looking forward to celebrating this weekend with a lot of great friends.  And embarrassing them by making them sing in public.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Love the layout and all the happy photos!

  2. How fun! i love how you used the sequins on your page!


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