Saturday, April 28, 2012

WeekInTheLife Friday

I thought I was so clever, putting a cutting of a green onion in a bowl and taking picture every day.  The thing hasn't budged since Monday, ha! Also, despite water, ok, occasional watering, most of my plants outside are wilting pretty badly too.  So no real growth in a week documentation.  At least my birthday flowers are still pretty perky.  Some new stitched tags in the shop.  Stuck behind a train on the way back from school.  We found a robin's (empty) eggshell in the grocery store parking lot, which Avi wanted to touch and then accidentally stepped on and crushed.  We looked and looked but couldn't find the nest anywhere.  The birds got back at us by messing up my car.  And then Avi had a huge accident while in the bathroom (how does that happen??).  So, not the best day.  We did meet up with our friends at the Zoobilee - Houston Zoo annual members event.  We got an early showing of the dinosaur exhibit and finally found the 'GIANT SLIDE'.  Exhausting but fun.

I know that some people find it odd, but I like working on pages as the week is happening.  I don't have enough brain cells left to remember all the little details and even with a post it pad handy so many little things just get lost in the fog of daily mothering.  I wrote about enjoying the journey instead of just the usual play-by-play I do for Wednesday.

Doily misted in Overdue red, a little bolder to go with the more subtle patterned paper. Used Sketchbook black foam thickers instead of the stamp today.  I love the font a lot. A very versatile size too, plus the pack doesn't skimp on Es. 

How is your week in the life going?


  1. What a great day you had!! I think it's great your doing your pages everyday while it's fresh, they look so nice. My plans are still not set so hoping next week to finally decide and get it done.

    Love what you wrote on the big photo for the day. It is the journey that counts.

  2. Love your pages and the story about the onion really made me lol!!!


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