Monday, April 30, 2012

WeekInTheLife - Saturday & Sunday

{Saturday} kids fair at the y with camel rides, a photo Booth and balloon animals. Avinash wanted a blue monkey and informed us Nandini wanted a giraffe. Brunch at pndicherri where avi lost his balloon in the rafters twice. We went for a picnic in the park and played Frisbee. Then back to pondicherri for desert.

{Sunday} wearing hats on our way to the rice box. They have the best tofu. Avinash quickly made a friend and got the courage to climb all over things. We finally went to the new Asian arts museum. We always loved playing outside under the roof fountain but I love the sitting area upstairs overlooking it. Avinash had a great time opening the automatic doors and running up the side ramps. (So did I). Nandini just wanted help walking everywhere. We watched a Hindi movie at home and had breakfast for dinner. Ryan took the kids to the park and we played candy land after baths.

Reflecting on these pictures I just feel that I like every part of our day.  Our crazy, hectic, stressful, loving, happy days.   I still feel a wrench in my heart when I look at the scar on Avi's face.  A lawyer pulled pictures of this blog and said that he wasn't really injured by the dog attack.  Retouched pictures.  I don't know how it will affect him, but I see the scars and it is a painfully visible reminder of my biggest failing as a parent - failing to protect him.  I pray that he doesn't remember that day, though he still talks about it sometimes.  But, in these pictures I see so much joy in their faces.  So, maybe everything is alright after all.  

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