Friday, April 20, 2012


Even though I really enjoyed my family day at home on my birthday I didn't mind it one bit when Ryan made us reservations the day after for a new restaurant downtown Houston.  And, they vegetarian menu didn't hurt either.  Apparently Oxheart refers to a type of cabbage or something. 

 We had squash three ways in soup, it was a little under-seasoned and watery.  The brioche buns and grilled spring onions were the best part.  You cut the onion in half and roll up one leaf at a time on your fork like pasta.  Crispy green stems and the almost creamy white center together in one bite.  Then roasted potatoes on top of swiss chard sauce.  Not as good as mine by a long shot.  Then sunchoke semifreddo.  About as good as it sounds.  I love having so many vegetarian options in one place, but it will take a while for us to go back.

Gratuitous bokeh shot of the porch lights outside.

The check arrived on a branch.  So, then we had the pleasure of working out the appropriate Portlandia sketch that would go along with this.

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