Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the life - Thursday

Random laugh out loud moment of the day: I managed to make more of a scene at the museum puppet show than either of the babies (again).  This lady was going on AND on about making a puppet at home until this little kid yelled, "I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT." And I laughed, loud.  And everyone stared and then joined in.  I felt a little bad for that kid until I saw his mom was laughing too.  Later when the puppet lady was going on (and on) about how bad and lazy the first little pig is, the same kid blurts out, "He's going to die." The puppet show was so boring I would have left early, but I kept hoping the kid would have more hilarious quips.  

Thoughts on the photos:
-I like using the cross process filter for indoor shots with no natural light.  Avinash's room has no windows, but that doesn't mean I can't include our playtime in there in this project.  Just have to get a little creative with the post processing.
-Using the polaroid frame really helps eliminate a lot of the clutter around the edges of the photo.  Or unflattering arm angles (if you're like me).
-My photos are people heavy and not stuff heavy.  I took over a hundred photos yesterday of random parts of the day.  After editing, the top 20 or so were definitely skewed to people and not things again.  Another reason why I'm not sure if I'll be including any found 'stuff' in this album. I do like have plants on each page.  I might write down all of our meals somewhere, but definitely not getting pictures of them all.
-Taking and editing all of these photos can be taxing but still enjoying the process.  This project is like a metaphor for life.  You have to enjoy the process and the journey.  Grateful to Ali Edwards for pushing me to do this.

I did my Tuesday page in my album too.
This time I misted textured cream cardstock with gold.

I used my fiskars paper trimmer to score lines on the paper again to help me journal (a little) straighter.  I let the date on an ormolu die cut be my circle embellishment here.  To echo the circle from the doily mask too.  The journaling sort of blends in with the paper, but it you can read it if you try.  I am liking how it is turning out so far.  Different from the pockets of project life, but more streamlined and simple than regular scrapbooking.  More zen.


  1. Great pictures again, love the polariod look of it. Is that on your iphone?? How did you get it? I think there's one kid in every crowd that always speaks up loudly and makes us adults laugh.

    I like the pages also, good for you getting them done.

  2. What a fun collection of pictures and documenting! GReat!


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