Thursday, April 12, 2012

take 12

We have been at my parent's home all week for Easter break of sorts. It always wonderful seeing my family, especially seeeing Avinash and Nandini's relationship with them grow as they get older. Of course napping in the midst of all the excitement can be a big challenge for babies and thus mommy loses a little more of her mind for every nap that they don't take....This is a snapshot of being home so far in a dozen pictures.  I didn't really take twelve pictures in one day, so some are from Easter too.  Just keeping the holiday going I guess.

 Avi's first real haircut {where he wasn't throwing a tantrum so huge that his ear was nearly lopped off with a scissor}.  After that he told everyone else, "You need a haircut."

Her bow on Easter may or may not have been taken off a box of candy.  Proof that she can rock any look.

 The trees are in full bloom here.  Their transience makes them that much more beautiful to me.  Apple blossoms (ok, crab apple, but that doesn't really sound as nice??).

 With a little shake of the branches or gust of wind the petals start falling like snow.  

Love how the light hits Nandini's face here.  I would have loved to have a picnic out here but my Dad was SUPER worried about poison oak or poison something.  I didn't see it... Also, there are no special wildflowers here like bluebells and Indian paintbrush like in Texas.  But there are dandelions everywhere and I think they are wonderful. 

Avinash had an easter egg hunt with the neighbors during the day, but we did our own egg dyeing a little later. 

Her new trick: rushing to the stairs as soon as no one is looking.  Then screaming loudly once she gets there to make sure that everyone comes to look at her. 

Nana flanked by two hungry, demanding babies.  Look at how suspicious Nandini is of not getting her share of food.  Also, bread.  Lots of bread.  We don't often get good bread now, so we make up for lost time when we are home by eating it at all meals.  Toast, bagels, hoagies of all kinds are devoured regularly. 

I'll never be that cool because I just can't take pictures of my feet or other people's shoes, but Avinash can.  That boy is way cooler than me already.

Nandini going through the tunnel Avi made her at the museum.

She finally notices me taking pictures.  This is her face as she is just about to grab my phone away.

The neighbor girls come over almost every day to play with Avinash.  Note the remnants of lunch (Dunkin Donuts aka 'prinkles) and the snack of green acorn cookies (with extra sprinkles).  Nandini was not too pleased when we tried to give her some with no chocolate on them.  We went to visit our cousins (my cousin and his cousin) last night too, but I was too tired for more pictures by then.

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  1. wow you have some very beautiful pictures there and a gorgous family too :)

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  3. What a beautiful family. I love your description of what's happening too. Great photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Beautiful pictures of yout family!

  5. Great photos! The apple blossom one is amazing!

  6. Wonderful photos! Have a great weekend!

  7. Fun photos!
    Your children are absolutely adorable!!

  8. Fun photos-- your family is adorable!!


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